Putting power back in the hands of the people.

Democracy 2.0

Your voice matters.

Representing You

I have two promises for my loyalty to the people of my district

  1. Once elected, for every bill I will vote for in the Assembly, I’ll publish them online. People can deliberate and discuss freely about the bill. After deliberation, voters are invited to vote on the bill. We will use two-factor authentication to verify voters. We will publish the voting results so voters can verify the results without violating privacy information.
  2. I will only vote with the majority of voters in my district. I will faithfully represent voters in my district

Please see here for more information.

Special Interests vs. People

In Democracy 1.0, money talks. It is easy for special interests to buy individual politicians who would vote for them instead of the people. In Democracy 2.0, the voice of the people rules. It is impossible for any special interests to buy everyone. People will vote for themselves. There is no place for special interests in Democracy 2.0.


Law abiding citizens’ safety is a basic human right. Providing a safe environment for the people is the most important goal for the government. We need to provide sufficient funding for law enforcement operations and training. We also must help the community to adopt crime prevention measures. The violation of other people’s personal or property safety should have proper consequences.


The goal of education is to enable individuals to reach their full potential. Our society becomes more prosperous as the number of successful individuals increase. We should increase our funding for after-school services to make sure students do not wander on the street after school. Public colleges and universities should be affordable to all capable California students.

Your Issues

With Democracy 2.0, your issues are your representative’s issues. Please contact me and let me know your issues!