Long Jiao is a dedicated leader who is ready to serve our community.

As a first generation immigrant, I lived an ordinary life. I grew up in China, graduated from Tsinghua University, came to US as a graduate student in University of California, Santa Barbara, moved to Cupertino in 2011, and worked as a software engineer for more than 15 years. I lived a quiet life.

Unbought. Uncorrupt.

I am running because democracy is failing, but I have a solution.

Our current democracy is Democracy 1.0, where elites have all the power. Elected representatives work for special interests instead of for the people. Our taxes are skyrocketing while our safety, education, and environment are deteriorating. Career politicians are pushing all kinds of special interests’ agenda while they leave ordinary people suffering in return. I have a solution which I call Democracy 2.0. In Democracy 2.0, people will be the de facto decision makers and law makers. People will make decisions instead of elites. We, the people, should control how to spend our tax dollars. We, the people, should determine how to educate the next generation. We, the people, should determine how to deal with the world we live in. We, the people, should have all the power! It will be the first time to realize that the government should be of the people, by the people and for the people!